RAIT 1- Rotating support gun turret

RAIT 1 is designed to mount four weapon systems:

  • FN Mag machine gun;
  • Machine gun MINIMI;
  • M2 Browning heavy machine gun;
  • 40mm grenade launcher GMG.
There are two designed modifications  - with armor shields and without. The tower is equipped with a reducer turning system, which allows you to turn the tower by 90 degrees within two seconds even on a tilted vehicle.

  • Basic weight: 109kg;
  • Weight with armor plates: 365 kg;
  • Inner circle diameter: 834mm;
  • Outer circle diameter: 1106mm.
The rotating support gun turret (RAIT 1) can be installed on:

  • For armored personnel carriers;
  • For armored vehicles;
  • For different types of trucks;
  • For all types of pickups.

Currently, RAIT 1 is actively used in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, performing various types of tasks. Most often, the tower mounts a Browning heavy machine gun on a pick-up-type vehicle with a single armor plate. The main tasks in which RAIT 1 is used are guarding convoys, clearing occupied territories, anti-aircraft defense from UAVs, evacuation of wounded soldiers and, in some cases, raids on enemy territories. The advantages of RAIT 1, noted by representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are the ability to provide high firepower and reaction speed in suppressing the enemy's hideouts at a distance of up to 1.5 km during convoy escort. The turret can be easily reassembled from one vehicle to another. The design and high strength of the RAIT 1 tower allow it to be mounted on larger caliber weapon systems.