Company`s LV-Teh main goal is to improve the efficiency of existing military equipment by ensuring the effective integration of our innovative technology in the defense and civilian sectors, which would provide additional benefits on the battlefield and in rescue or other missions. 

Main activity is the development, design and production of innovative defense and military technologies.

Constructor type combat support PLATFORM (CSP)

The modular constructor type unit combat support platform consists of two units: an upper modular platform and a lower rolling part, which are interconnected by a rotating bearing gear mechanism. The platform is movable in coupling with different motor vehicles. The upper modular part of the platform can be rotated by 360 degrees in both directions by the bearing gear turning mechanism, also it is modulated in 11 different versions from different components.

The goal of the proposed technical solution of the invention is to ensure the installation and use of diverse military equipment and weapon systems on the basis of one platform.

"VILLAIN"- Tactical Light Vehicle

 NEW release 2023

Military equipment for off-road ATV vehicles

Company LV-Teh has designed special equipment for military off - road ATV vehicles.

RAIT 1- Rotating support gun turret

The tower is equipped with a reducer turning system, which allows you to turn the tower by 90 degrees within two seconds even on a tilted vehicle.

Robotic demining platform RAP001

The robotic demining platform RAP001 is designed for the destruction of all types of explosive objects or munitions and is intended for various types of demining works, mainly for demining agricultural land.