About us

In 2017, the specialists from several fields – metallurgical and military technology industries gathered together and started team work on the development, design and implementation of various types of innovative military and civilian projects.

Two years later, at the end of 2019, the company LV-Teh was founded. It’s main activity is the development, design and production of innovative defense and military technologies.

In mid-2020, a number of innovative military technology projects were launched to support various combat units, air defense systems, surveillance and security systems.

LV-Teh also develops various types of support systems and equipment for the Police, Firefighters and Rescuers.

The company’s main goal is to improve the efficiency of existing military equipment by ensuring the effective integration of our innovative technology in the defense and civilian sectors, which would provide additional benefits on the battlefield and in rescue or other missions.

In 2022 the technologies developed by LV-Teh are already in mass production.